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The pon principle is high-tech. The rods of this magnetically connecting node-rod system are made of high-strength, flexible, special aluminum alloy which ensures optimum flexural strength combined with extremely low weight. No tools are needed to connect the diagonal trusses to the cast stainless steel nodes. The pon round trapezoidal node allows the creation of waveshaped and circular forms. Combined with rounded nodes, pon office becomes a proper office furniture system.

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Projects with pon
Traveling exhibition Work in Transition
300 m2
Bayreuth: "Rosalie and Wagner"
100 m2
Hyundai – IAA 2021
534 m2
raumPROBE OHG – Hannover
25 m2
Exponatec/11mRaum - Cologne
24 m2
Color Add - Portugal
50 m2 - Hamburg
70 m2
ERA Architecture - Istanbul
250 m2
Office Matters - Hannover
100 m2
PONderosa - Berlin
Canakkale City Museum - Canakkale
250 m2
Estée Lauder Clinique - Spain
6 m2
BMVBS - Berlin
650 m2
Retailpartners AG - Switzerland
150 m2
SOCAR - Istanbul
81 m2
Viko - Germany
135 m2
Children’s Book Fair - Bologna
415 m2
Architektenkammer Deubau - Germany
78 m2
Gilead Sciences - Frankfurt
78 m2
Helmut Goll - Nuernberg
120 m2
Matsu Group - Shanghai
30 m2
Barskidesign - Frankfurt
18 m2
Urazca - Bilbao
80 m2
SWU - Berlin
108 m2