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The clic system has a magnetic push fit connection of connector and rod.


The connectors are natural-anodized aluminum cubes, the attachment pieces are made of galvanized steel, the connectors are made of natural-anodized aluminum tubing into which two magnets have been pressed. Assembly is child’s play. The modular elements come together with a soft click, creating the modular architecture system. Users like the simple, self-explanatory construction principle; viewers admire the austere appearance; designers appreciate the graphic and architectonic versatility. For both planners and users, the planning software “clic IT” provides a convenient means of developing complex spatial structures and visualising them in three dimensions.

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Projects with clic
Museum in a Nutshell
4 m2
BMW Showroom
15 m2
Family Companies in East Germany from 1945 till now
50 m2
Design Center Baden-Württemberg hosted the exhibition "THANK YOU BURKHARDT, Burkhardt Leitner’s 50 Years in Design"
“THANK YOU BURKHARDT” Exhibition at EuroShop 2017
Helmut Jacoby - Frankfurt
150 m2
Swissport – Vancouver
30 m2
Peterer Drogerie AG – Basel
24 m2
Aed Neuland - Stuttgart
30 m2
Braun - London
50 m2
Einstein Museum - Switzerland
100 m2
Jarmund Architects - Oslo
52 m2
Formvollendet Prof. Martin Hess - Dusseldorf
180 m2
Koc Anamed - Istanbul
400 m2
Sabit Bilir - Istanbul
120 m2
Alev Ebüzziya - Istanbul
250 m2
Arista diseño - Barcelona
25 m2
Sonnai Pottery - Seoul
20 m2
Bodegas Arabarte - Barcelona
30 m2
Arriko S.A. - Euskadi
112 m2
BMVBS - Berlin
650 m2
Retailpartners AG - Switzerland
150 m2
Sonorous - Berlin
125 m2
FRAME - Duesseldorf
26 m2
16 m2
Kider S.A - Duesseldorf
300 m2
Salica - Spain
50 m2