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The clic round system has a magnetic push fit connection of connector and rod.


The round form of clic – with an exterior diameter of 5.22 m and an interior diameter of 4.62 m – complements and increases the design and planning scope of the basic orthogonal clic system. Since the interior radius uses the same axis dimension (A600) as the basic system, a wide range of system elements may be used in both systems. Curved and wave-like structures, not to mention enclosed rotundas of 24 segments, can all be built using clic round. Thanks to special retaining clips or one-sided trapezoidal connectors, clic and clic round may be linked and combined to create new configurations.

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Projects with clic round
Homie - Interzoo 2024
114 m2
Einsichten - Stuttgart
30 m2
Olympic Museum - Singapore
300 m2
Koc Anamed - Istanbul
400 m2