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clic up – a new product and a unique edition of display units that offer you intelligent possibilities to show your brand, your company or an event to the market and the world.


The smartly developed new profile is based on a self-locking hinge mechanism and is intended for use with large format, printable fabrics. It enables easier and much faster assembly than before. The double-sided profile makes the back of each unit as attractive as the front. It opens and closes gently by sliding the green locking button.


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Projects with clic up
victor - clic up unit
3 m2
romeo - clic up unit
1 m2
oscar - clic up unit
1 m2
mike - clic up unit
1 m2
juliet - clic up unit
1 m2
charly - clic up unit
1 m2
bravo - clic up unit
1 m2
alpha - clic up unit
1 m2